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UltraInsights Scanning Partner
Image capturing software

  • Install the software on your own computer
  • Use a keyboard, mouse, and monitor
  • Save images to the hard drive, then burn to a CD
  • Delete improperly collected images or images saved as wrong trait as you go
  • Load an existing scan session or scroll up through saved images for review
  • Displays the saved image to act as a "test"
  • A session can be reloaded in case of a power outage
  • Enter weights chute-side and earn a $.10/head discount from UI
  • Set to receive a warning if not enough rumps, ribs, or pfats are saved for an animal
  • Map the keyboard to choose your own hot keys
  • Displays number of head scanned
  • Works with CX100, PXC200, or USB FGB (Aloka only) and Windows 98 or XP

$500 - image capturing software includes free upgrades. May be placed on backup computers (one copy/technician or running system). Please specify media type when ordering.

Standoff Pad
New - $250, Repour - $150

We believe this to be the best standoff pad available. It will last for about 3,000 head or 6 months with proper care. Unbeatable for getting good contact!

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UltraInsights processes ultrasound images for many beef breed associations, commercial cattle producers (non-association), and county fairs. UltraInsights follows the Ultrasound Guidelines Council (UGC) lab policy and accepts images from UGC certified field technicians, interprets with UGC approved software, and certifies lab technicians through UGC. Visit our Before You Scan page to find more information on protocol, guidelines, and available technicians.

Accepted Technologies

  • "Old" and "New" Aloka 500 collected with CX-100, PXC-200, or USB Frame Grabber Board
  • Classic Scanner 200 collected with CX-100 or PXC-200 Frame Grabber Board

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Participating Breed Associations

  • American Angus Association
  • American Chianina Association
  • American Gelbvieh Association
  • American Hereford Association
  • American International Charolais Association
  • American Maine-Anjou Association
  • American Salers Association
  • American Simmental Association
  • International Brangus Breeders Association
  • North American Limousin Foundation
  • North American South Devon Association
  • Red Angus Association of America
  • Santa Gertrudis Breeders International

Other breeds Please check with your association if it is not listed above.

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Payment Schedule

$4 /head processed

$2.50 /head in pre-approved circumstances (Scan sessions in which no data is eligible for a breed association and will never be submitted to an association. Actual data only will be reported unless adjustment factors are available and all required information is submitted in electronic format).

Payment is due with the images in form of a check, Visa, or MasterCard.

  • County Fair Cattle
  • Research Cattle
  • Commercial Cattle

In any given month, credit is awarded to technicians who submit a high volume of problem-free scans. A credit is awarded to technicians who submit electronic weights for regular priced herds.

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