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Centralized Ultrasound Processing (CUP) first began as a research project funded by the American Angus Association in 1998. CUP would serve as an unbiased third party evaluating ultrasound images for carcass traits. This would promote accuracy and consistency in the data being submitted to a breed associations' database.

The first CUP Lab, housed at Iowa State University, worked with a few hand-picked field technicians who collected carcass ultrasound images on yearling seedstock cattle. The images were submitted to the ISU CUP Lab for interpretation by highly trained lab technicians. The CUP Lab developed protocol for the data to be submitted to various breed associations to be included in their database and used for genetic evaluation.

The number of breeders and breed associations utilizing this tool has dramatically increased since 1998. Breeders today can choose from many certified field technicians and can also choose from several qualified CUP Labs.

Why Choose UltraInsights to Process Your Ultrasound Images?

UltraInsights' owners Craig and Becky Hays are among the few technicians involved with CUP since 1998. Craig served as CUP Lab Manager and Becky worked as a lab technician at Iowa State University.

Through our years of service, we have had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of Centralized Ultrasound Processing, including the training of lab and field technicians, collection of ultrasound research data, and working with technicians, breeders and breed associations.

Since the research phase, our lab interpretations have been continually cross-checked against actual carcass data. Our lab technicians have attained a high degree of image interpretation accuracy when compared with the actual carcass data. Both Craig and Becky have been selected to serve as reference technicians at field certifications.

Several of UltraInsights' staff members are certified and experienced field technicians. A dual certified lab technician better understands image quality scoring and image interpretation. Our knowledge enables us to communicate better with the other field technicians. UltraInsights is prepared to assist field technicians with problems encountered in the field as well as provide training to improve image quality.

Several of the UltraInsights staff has worked with breed associations for many years. We understand the paperwork and we can quickly identify problems and communicate them to the breeder. We understand breeders' expectations of accurate, timely data and the importance of even small details.

The relationships UltraInsights has developed since first opening in 2002 are important to us. Our commitment to providing "Data You Trust, Service You Deserve" is our future. We look forward to working with you! Please contact us with comments or suggestions.

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